HMP117 – W Sussex

A new-build house on a 1.5 acre site, within both a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.The main home is formed of two parts; a two storey component anchors into the ground with a flint plinth whilst its smaller single storey sister hovers over a breathtaking Natural Swimming Pond.
The two parts of the building are connected by a glass link which floats over water. In the middle of the house is a dramatic triple height space over the dining area with floating balconies on the First and Second Floors

Features: Carefully designed landscaping / Highly energy efficient / Ground Source Heat Pump / Photovoltaics / Water Harvesting & Recycling / Thermally High Performing Materials / Pool Cabin / Art Studio / Garage / Tennis Court / Outdoor Dining / Hot Tub / Wildlife & Sculpture Trail.