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Louie Murray

Louie Murray

Lou Morgan

Former advertising photographic assistants Louise Murray and Louise Morgan joined forces in 2002, and have since created one of the UK’s leading stills production companies.

Loulou Productions  provides a fully  bespoke production & location service to both international and national clients including VW, Volvo, HSBC and working with photographers such as Nick Meek, Henrik Knudsen, Ben Stockley, Julia Fullerton-Batten and Nicky Hamilton.

Through strong relationships with other international production companies Loulou Productions is able to provide a comprehensive and secure production service, worldwide, and on any scale. Our ability to deliver a unique production service to clients also stands out in the UK.

We’re happy working on the side of a mountain, shooting on a white sandy beach or finding that original retro kitchen. You name the location and we’ll find it!

While each project is approached professionally and with absolute attention to detail, the personal touch is also paramount, enabling each shoot to run as smoothly, efficiently and enjoyably as possible.

Whether you need full production support, location scouting or simply a local production crew, we’re happy to discuss your needs and take the reins.

We look forward to working with you.


“It would be demeaning to say that the LouLous pull rabbits out of hats as that would completely undermine the level of commitment, expertise, drive and professional attitude they have when working on our productions. However we think they are magic!”
Siobhan Squire – Photographers’ Agent

“Lou and Louie have produced many shoots for us over the years, including some large multiple country shoots – each with their own challenges. They are extremely organised and thorough and ensure that productions run smoothly.
To top it all they are good fun and a pleasure to work with!”
Gill Turner – Photographers’ Agent

“I have worked with LouLou Locations for a long time and it is always great to have them on board. With their photographic background, they understand a photographer’s requirements and expectations. They take a genuine interest in getting the best creative result, and of course the production always runs smoothly and professionally.”
Henrik Knudsen – Photographer

“A comprehensive and creative pair of hands to look after your shoot.”
Katy Niker – Photographers’ Agent

“The photographer I used to work for once told me that the best way of finding a stellar location is to go hunt it out yourself. Strong words perhaps but there is a little truth in it. One needs to see all the angle and  recce a location so you know 100% that is works for the brief. When I work with LouLou this is exactly what happens… every time. They not only have the amazing ability to find ace locations but they always bring more to the table than expected. They’re both pretty good photographers in their own right so the images I see are always thoughtfully composed and relate whole to the brief in hand. And most importantly… I see exactly what is around the location so I know what to expect went I arrive.
Casting, stylists, catering…. they know and always offer up the best… and often introduce me to folks that might have been off my radar.
Most importantly…. we always have a good time… even on the more taxing assignments they never show signs of stress and always have a smile on their faces.
Confident friendly professionals…. my favs X”
Nick Meek – Photographer

“I love working with LouLou and have done so a number of times over the last 15 years. They have a killer combination of calmness, efficiency and just being plain nice to deal with. Since they have so much experience they have been in most situations before so I feel like they always have a solution or an answer to a problem. They also don’t suffer from dour producer syndrome, they approach every job with fresh enthusiasm”
Daniel Moorey – Head of Print. Adam & Eve DDB

“I have worked with LouLou on many jobs. They have produced every one with great professionalism. They are organised, calm and expert and they do it all with good humour. I’ve never felt that they have anything less than our project’s best interests at heart, I feel reassured when they are producing my jobs and they are always a real pleasure to work with.”
Sarah Thompson – Head of Art Production. Fallon London